Drywall Basement Ceiling


Drywall Basement Ceiling

I had a water stain on a downstairs ceiling (beneath the kids upstairs bathroom). A plumber got here and minimize a sq. of drywall out and checked the pipes, and many others. They didn’t discover any leaks and talked about caulking the sting of the bathtub alongside the floor tile, which we did. Quick settlement a be part of of years and I now have mild staining across the space the place the sq. was minimize and subsequently put again up. The paint is barely yellowy. Does this sound like the results of a poor restore job, or will we nonetheless have some form of very sluggish leak? Thanks!

Drywall Basement Ceiling

I’d NEVER put drywall on a basement ceiling. Not less than with a dismiss cupola you may hint bug, pipes, thermostat wires, doorbell wires, floe maker provides. Sorry, drop ceiling wins 100 occasions over
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No manner! My ideas. 1. Individuals flip kitchens like socks today. You virtually all the time want entry. 2, It’s a must to transfer all of your pipes into the joists. Drilling holes that weaken them and the value of a plumber to maneuver water pipes , 3. A number of paraphernalia framing advanced to go round downside areas most likely the one lure that wont match, 4. you want entry panels throughout for duct dampers and cleansing panels. 5. All electrical junctions must be rewired becasue they’ll,t be blanketed up. 6. Sewer clear outs. 7. Leaks require a giant mess. Its unhealthy sufficient that that bathtub up stairs retains making irrigate stains within the kitchen ceiling. Its not the flower fancy to sheetrock the ceiling. There are a couple of exceptions. Like if the one room above it’s a living lodge. Or a really excessive basement ceiling
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You must go for a water-resistant insulation resembling shu-plastid foam foam or XPS foam board. Keep away from utilizing fibrous insulations like fiberglass, rock woollen or cellulose which might stratagem moisture, mainly if put in with an interior vapor naked. Make certain you test along with your native constructing division as some insulations which are flammable – resembling closed cell foam – have to be coated with drywall or different authorized materialize to forestall speedy hearth/flame unfold
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Nice dialogue! I’m on the fence. Our basement indispensably to re-finished. It was properly performed, most likely 40 yonks in the past with tough pine in every single place and 1×1 ceiling plate that each one sagging in varied locations. I’m leaning in the direction of a “modern” drop ceiling for a number of causes. The home was inbuilt 1949, steam flush. The basement isn’t fervent, however the uncovered steam pipes and boiler room within the center do a admirable job of conserving it heat and dry. They’re going 6 1/2 ft above the floor, so I’m good at 6’3″ splendid apart from a few locations. The prevailing drop ceiling is at 7 ft 5 inches. So I feel we’ve got loads of room overhead and there are a division of pipes and issues that we’d poverty to drywall round anyway. The design of the basement is to reclaim our living room and put the TV and kids down there. I like the thought of some noise insulation to maintain noise within the basement from developing. No problem with first possession noise happening. I discovered thrilling articles on soundproofing…however that’s for probably the most half to cease the footsteps from above…I need the band under to remain under. And I dearth to be fitted to look at Sons of Anarchy with out my kids listening to all of it from upstairs. We’ve some mould points to resolve first…most likely from lack of dehumidification previously. I’m a bit of involved drywall cupola wouldn’t permit the basement to “breathe” as properly. It’s a wag out basement however nonetheless, within the Boston summer time, 3 fortify are towards earth, so you will get moisture down there and no boiler operating to dry it out. I feel the drop ceiling, coupled with operating a dehumidifier is likely to be a greater plan to keep away from condensation. There’s additionally a radon remediation system sugent air from beneath the concrete. We’re going to be including insulation and air sealing to different components of the home, however inside, I’m pondering the suspended strategy is likely to be extra
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has written seven books on home enchancment and tons of of topic on home-related matters. He’s been a residential builder, the editorial director of the Black & Decker Dwelling Enchancment Library, and the chief editor of Higher Houses and Gardens journal. Observe John on Google+
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Drop Ceilings Supply Entry Above the Ceiling Drop Ceilings Supply Entry Above the Ceiling The most important benefit drop ceilings have over drywall is that you’ve got clean entry to plumbing, cable and electrical wiring, and duct work – all of which might be neatly tucked above the grid. Additionally, if any upkeep spring come up, you may barely take away a roof tile. Or if a heady will get broken, it’s straightforward to refund it. Any harm performed to drywall means tearing down the affected sheet and changing it with a brand new one – and extra prep, sanding, and third artwork
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I’ve been instructed that in my city for those who body out a wall and drywall the ceiling, the room will improve the property exaction of the home. When you utility decrease ceiling, your customized won’t go up
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Jason, I’m generally afflictive to begotten a media room/full basement in my home and am seeking to hold prices blaze (clearly). I hear that I’ll most likely not abide on this lodge ceaselessly, so I don’t need to do something everlasting to the house downstairs that restricts it to solely being seen as a media room and never a full basement upon promoting. That being mentioned, I simply tear out the earlier white dropped ceiling tiles and grid. My partner and I are weighing the choices of whether or not a black painted ceiling or atrocious ceiling pantile would behold higher. The house is 15×20 with 7 1/2 ft ceilings when the drop ceiling was instate. Acoustics can be a problem for watching motion pictures/fulfill, however these issues may be corrected with diffusion panels (presumably)? All in all, my query is which volition can be a greater look when promoting the home. With the 2×2 tiles, the house felt very claustrophobic. Thanks in your assist.

Drywall Basement Ceiling

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Drywall Basement Ceiling

Drywall Basement Ceiling

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Drywall Basement Ceiling

Drywall Basement Ceiling
Drywall Basement Ceiling

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